Free Fall : Renaissance – Epilogue (English Version)



Five years later

The day is magnificent, shiny. One year has passed since Kay and I have moved to France, near the German border. Our life is quiet, peaceful.

We are seated on the grass, Kay lying down against me, his head resting on my shoulder. My arms embrace tenderly his chest. We are looking into the distance at Max having fun in our large garden. He is accompanied by his little sister, Malia, two years old, whom Kay is the biological father. She is running joyfully around Max. Matthias, Steffi, Lukas and Lena, who remained close friends, have joined us for the weekend. They are sipping a soda on the patio.

A lot of things have changed this last five years. I have left my job for something more relaxed, and Kay and I have married. We have decided to raise a child together thanks to a surrogate mother in order to start a real family.

Bettina and I have remained on good terms. She has rebuild her life with another man and from their union was born a second son. Even if she has officially left me the custody of Max, she still cares a lot for him and she keeps him during holidays and some weekends.

I often think again about my meeting with Kay, which has radically turned upside down my entire life. I thought at this time my destiny was preordained : my job, Bettina, a child. But sometimes life is full of unexpected surprises, like Kay. An angel who arrives and carries you away, for the best and the worst. As the worst is behind us since a long time ago, we are now enjoying the best.

I caress Kay’s golden hair. He turns his head toward me, smiles at me and kisses me tenderly. I am delighted to be able to contemplate at leisure his beautiful blue eyes and his rebel smile. Those that made me have a crush for him at first sight. Those that made me fall in love. Love then took a whole new dimension for me.

Yes, because if there is one thing I have learnt and I have retained thanks to Kay, it’s that love is much stronger than all the denominations we can willingly give to it.

Final Song

Once again a big thanks to all of you for having followed Free Fall : Renaissance 🙂 This epilogue is a little complementary bonus which allows to imagine what Marc and Kay are becoming and what’s going on for them in a « normal » life, without all the mess they had to go through.

In order to celebrate the end of Free Fall : Renaissance’s publication, I would like to organize something. I saw that some of you were often asking me questions about the characters, the story, the writing, etc. So, I invite all those who are interested to ask your questions in the commentaries of the article below. I then plan to make a video where I will pick up the best questions in order to answer you directly so that we can exchange about Free Fall 🙂 You can ask me what you want, wether it is about the movie itself, my fiction or more personal questions. It’s up to you !

7 réflexions au sujet de « Free Fall : Renaissance – Epilogue (English Version) »

  1. lich

    I loved your story. This movie really captured my heart and the ending wasn’t satisfying at all. Thank you for this. I want to ask you, if you consider Marc as a gay man, or simply straight who fell for another human being?

    1. milocorvinus Auteur de l’article

      Hi Lich, thank you for your comment 🙂 Very interesting question ! I think the goal of the movie was to point out that whoever you are, whatever you think your sexuality is, you can fall in love with anybody, wether it is with with a man or a woman. So I think it is difficult to classify Marc’s orientation. Was he really in love with Kai, or was it a deep impulsion/desire, like a fantasy ? From my point of view, I think he really fell in love with Kai. It was like love at first sight. Kai was the only person who has been able to unlock that secret part hidden in Marc’s soul. But I also think in the same way that he still loves and cares for Bettina. So if I had to classify Marc’s sexuality in the strict sense of the term, I would say he is « bisexual ». What is your point of view on the question 🙂 ?

  2. lich

    I loved your story. This movie captured my heart and the end wasn’t satisfying at all. I have a question: do you consider Marc as straihht man, who fell for a guy, or gay?


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